Eat. How much do you tip a table?

The good people over at Chaotic Moon Studios say that they "are a group of thinkers, builders, designers, developers, leaders, dreamers, and doers hell-bent on changing the world through better digital experiences."  Well I am here to say that they definitely have got me thinking with their interactive table designed for Pizza Hut that allows you to not only build a custom pizza right on your very own touch tabletop, but even pay and select a cartoon for the kids to watch while you wait for dinner to arrive.  

Here is what CMS has to say about what they developed - "after helping to deliver an app that increased mobile ordering by 4000%, Pizza Hut brought us back to the table to strategize ways to revolutionize their in-store dining experience. So, our R&D team started with what we do best: building a better ordering experience. But ordering is only one step in the process. We concepted ways to make not just ordering—but waiting, sharing, and paying—more fun and more efficient. And unlike every other digital strategy proposal, we didn’t stop with a presentation. We delivered Pizza Hut a prototype the press could really sink their teeth into."  Is this where the world is heading?  Is it only a matter of time before, just like in the Jetsons, we have this kind of technology built into our homes?  The answer is yes, and it will be here before you know it.