Eat. The Future of Shopping

The future is here for Supermarkets according to Cisco, reports the Mail OnlineDetermined to take advantage of our fixation with smartphones, large stores are adding free WiFi, targeting people with deals, in real time, as they move around stores and introducing augmented reality to shelves.


Philips is trialing a system of smart lighting to track customers, acting like a form of GPS when used with a phone. When a customer enters a supermarket fitted with Philips’ lights, a positioning grid appears onscreen. This tells the user the route to take to get everything on their list, or suggesting alternatives.  UK retail giant Sainsbury’s is piloting a mobile app, which lets customers scan their shopping using their phone as they walk around the aisles. The app tracks their spending, so customers can pay for their shopping at the till without having to unload their goods onto a conveyor belt.  Elsewhere, the new Square app alerts a barista at a local store that a customer is on their way, thanks to their device's GPS. The coffee shop can then have their favorite coffee ready and waiting - and the app can even pay the bill using stored credit card information.